MAD squirrel

It started as a simple idea to make a clock from an old crankset in 2011 and then other bicycle themed ideas starting bouncing about, including tyre racks made from wheel rims, spray can holders from bottle cages....
I made a couple of pairs of Cufflinks from a old Shimano HG chain for a friend and then some more for another friend and so mad-squirrel had began. The ideas have grown and grown into Stools, Lamps, Clocks and all type of chain related items.
If I look at something I've created and want to keep it then I know it's turned out OK and to get the great feedback that I'm getting makes me happy to know that you agree with me too.

Many ask where the name mad-squirrel comes from, well its from two places really the first is my fasenation with all the British Cycling's research and development that goes into marginal gains and is jokingly known as 'The Secret Squirrel Club', taking its name from a cartoon spy character. 2ndly from the film Up and some of my friends thinking I'm slightly mad to come out with some of my designs and creations so mad squirrel seems to fit and stick.

I try and give the best possible service to all my customers and I'm happy if you're happy.

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